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11 December 2012 @ 08:40 pm
Super Buu is awesome
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Good morning. I've eaten breakfast already and was surfing the web before doing my homework that's due later today (^v~) *I know, I shouldn't wait hours until class to do my homework when I have all week...I'll change that next quarter*

Well my brother arrived yesterday night. It's been years since we've been living together and things'll get a bit more interesting...they already have, actually. I creamed his butt yesterday. From 11:40pm-1:40am two hours basically, I kicked his butt playing DBZ Tenkaichi 3 and Brawl. Here's how it went towards the end.

*I chose Cell, btw*

Cell: That wasn't even a good warm up, scum.
Gerard: ok, Cell. *nodding* Rematch. *he used Goku (ss3)* Goku wouldn't go down like that on the show.
Me: *clicks rematch*

*after a few minutes*

Cell: *chuckling* That was a disappointment!
Gerard: Cell. *as if tasting the name in his mouth, shaking head* Another rematch. (still using Goku)
Me: *shaking head* tsk, tsk...

*a few moments later...*

Gerard: man, Goku wouldn't go down like that in the show.
Me: what's wrong, Goku? Looking a bit tired there!

He also used Babidi (because he's annoying) and Grey Buu. Come on, dude. Who picks Babidi?! He said he would try to use people we usually don't use, because it'll be annoying when (heh, IF) he wins. He didn't win a single round..! I also used Super Buu, Cell Jr, and Teen Gohan.

And next? We played Brawl. Kicked his butt there too. He beat me only a couple of times. I had around 36 stars under my score and he had 16 when we were finally finished. The only memorable win he had was with Ganondorf. Otherwise, I chose Pit, Lucario, Toon Link, Sonic and Falco for the most part. I even beat him with Olimar! Who picks Olimar?!

But look at me, bragging about how I've creamed him last night...and he hasn't played those games in so long. Well we'll see how I fare when I pick up my first PS3 remote and fight on his familiar turf...and now the main attraction of my post for this morning.

I was surfing the web earlier and went to Japantoday to check out the news and I found this article that I think is worth a quick read. I mean, it's not extraORdinary but it highlights something that many people are a part of, whether they realize it or not: the lack of communication, that eventually may lead to unwanted ends and results. Here's the link:

This is how the revolution will start in Japan - with 'Good morning'
23 November 2012 @ 07:04 pm
Hey. Happy belated Turkey Day. I learned about this a month or so ago actually but I'm thinking about it so I'll speak about it: I found a source on TeamFourStar's official website that shows leaks hinting that DBZ Kai will indeed be airing the Majin Buu Saga. They were even talking about (it is in Japanese but it was translated) how they were currently voicing on the episode where Trunks and Goten are trying to sneak into the adult division of the budokai tournament, and that they weren't totally sure that they'll go through with this in the end, BUT that it may be aired oversees (in the US) anyway, which means, my friend(s) that they are most likely going to be doing it. Now I can see Super Buu on TV again! However, knowing how Kai is, they'll be seriously Kaing out basically every fight scene more than ever, especially Videl and Spopovich's match. And removing scenes that aren't even necessary! But that's Kai for ya. So....I'll be back soon. This is chocobo_cookies signing off.
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21 September 2012 @ 10:30 am
Ok. Let's get this over with quickly, because I'd rather be reading manga right now but I decided it's been too long since I've last reported and it's time to spit it out. Tousuke passed away last month, August 13th, my youngest sister's birthday. That's a good way for me to remember it for a while. It was during the night though, because as usual, I found him *smelled death, actually* the next morning. Isn't that strange? Like, when Hornsby died, I walked into the room and smelled his death and absence before I even went up to the cage. And before one could say "duh. What else does a decaying corpse smell like?", it wasn't like that....for Tousuke at least. I didn't smell decaying body; only a sense of absence.He barely stank like Hornsby did, because he must have died the evening before and I didn't find him until 8 the next morning. That's 12 hours. So in closing, I miss them. I still have dreams about them. Speaking of dreams, I'll tell one because it's stupid.

In this dream, I was in my room back in the apartment complex we used to live in years ago. Tousuke was there laying in a corner, looking sad and old like he did days before he died. In the other corner sat a young, baby blonde rat that was grooming himself. I was thinking about whose it was when it dawned on me: this is Tousuke as a baby. And it took me that long to realize it because I got Tousuke from Petsmart when he was grown, never a child. The cheapest part of this dream is that I also realized that the younger Tousuke was here because I hacked him from the older Tousuke with the action replay for the DSi/DS Lite. And I thought to myself, "damn. I should have cloned Hornsby and Nosegay before they died too." That's so pitiful. Dreaming of cloning my rats with action replay so that they'd still be alive.

So......I'll be back later to talk about other things. ...
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09 July 2012 @ 02:16 pm
Good afternoon. Hornsby died two weeks ago. June 25th. We didn't find out until the next morning though, around 8 am. By that time, he was reeking; and you know what that meant~ yes. He must have died the NIGHT before. I estimate it was around 9 the night before while we were watching the DBZ movie with Cooler in it (it had to be Kaied out. I know it. Kaied is a term we made from dbz Kai, which IS OFF NOW BECAUSE THEY AREN'T GOING TO DO THE BUU SAGAAAA!! WHY?! And we all know what Kai did, editing shots that didn't need to be taken out, replacing blood with brown stuff or sweat to where I couldn't even tell that Gohan's arm was broken when he was using the father-son kamehameha against Cell...but I digress), because I gave them fresh water and food earlier that evening and while he didn't come out of his box, I saw him breathing. So....yeah. Now Tousuke's all alone! Well for now, I've decided to post the last pictures of him while he was alive. These were taken no more than a week before he died.

Hornsby and Tousuke in grass_1
Hornsby and Tousuke

Hornsby and Tousuke in grass_2

Tousuke in the grass_1

Hornsby in my lap
Hornsby taking refuge on me.

Hornsby in grass_1

Hornsby grooming himself on the living room floor

Hornsby tired, laying on floor
This was after I took them back inside. Notice the debris he leaves behind wherever he travels. He looks kind of old and tired here. That makes me feel...sorry for him.

Hornsby upclose

Hornsby looking at my sister
Hornsby looking cute. He doesn't look too old to me in this pic.

Gible looking at Hornsby
Gible sniffing Hornsby.

Gible being stupid_1  Gible being stupid_2
This is what Gible does when we get home. He's happy so besides jumping around like a fool, he rubs around on the floor with his butt in the air. And he did this after sniffing where Hornsby previously was from the picture above.

GIble in the way
Gible in the way. The stars of this photo are Hornsby and Tousuke in the back.

Tousuke being fat, eating GIble's dog food
This is the only time I actually got him on camera eating Gible's Alpo. That's half the reason why he's so fat. While I'm on this subject, I'll talk about a Fat Moment we experienced with him. But first, let me define "Fat Moments". The Fat Moment originated from back in the day when Hornsby really was fat, and would pull a number of greedy, gluttony moves, whether it was snatching food from our hands "fatly" (another term we use; in terms of snatching fatly, usually our fingers would be bitten, his face and eyes all scrunchy, etc.), biting his cage-mates' faces to steal their food (yes, he actually did that once), chasing after them to steal food from them, or something along those lines. Now that you know what a fat moment is, I'll explain one of Tousuke's fattest moments. A few days ago, we were getting rid of leftovers when we happened across a turkey burger, which we put in Gible's dog bowl. Gible had no idea, however; he was hiding in the bedroom under the bed because he was being a bad boy today (he jumped the fence, which he knows better). It also happened that I had Tousuke on the floor at that time. Lo and behold, Tousuke found the gold and took it home; quite literally. Just finding the half of the turkey burger wasn't enough, oh no. He dragged the whole thing from the kitchen to his chilling spot underneath the coffee table, where he could have some privacy while he ate his catch. It was a very fat moment indeed. He didn't even struggle to lift it up in his mouth. Shame.

Tousuke and Gible
Tousuke's fat can be seen quite clearly in this picture in all it's glory.

On a closing note, I have to say after looking over this for typos before I post it: mice are cute too, but I find rats cuter and more fulfilling to hold in your arms. Hornsby had a cute face..RIP.
.............................Well, PET rats at least, are cuter. Wild street rats are a different story....
Isn't that sad though? My rat was taking his last labored breaths as we were watching:
Krillin: Gohan, watch out!
Gohan: huh? *Cooler's death beam about to hit him*
Goku: Gohan! *shields him, back exposed and hit by Cooler's death beam*
Gohan: Daaad! Are you okay?!

Yes. That's what Hornsby was hearing as his eyes didn't even close when he died. His facial expression was sort of...pleasant; an almost surprised look. He wasn't in as much pain (if he was at all...too much at least) as Nosegay was when he died. But yep:

Cooler: *being blasted towards the sun to his death, having flashbacks of that one Saiyan who escaped the planet in a pod* I could have killed him! I could have killed him!!

while Hornsby was probably dead by then. It's a bit comical in a situation like this though. So...yeah. I'm out.
14 June 2012 @ 09:56 pm
     Earlier this morning around 11, I had just finished playing DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the Wii or whatnot and planned to go use the bathroom. In doing so, I happened to take the route that's in sight of my rats' cage.*  Tousuke was looking like a bum laying in the corner with his head nudged between his box and the cage wall when, somehow, he saw me and came up to the front of the cage. Because of his interest in me (or more likely wanting to be OUT of the cage), I suddenly felt generous enough to let them out.

     So what did I discover upon taking them out? Hornsby's hindquarters were soiled in his own piss. And as his official rat mother/ foster home caretaker, I cleaned him up good with a soapy face-towel. So what's the point in all this?

     My rats are old. As I said before, Nosegay died last month. Hornsby's hind legs are almost fully paralyzed from old age. (I hope I won't have to clean him like this every time he has to relieve himself...but if so, I will do what I need to) He's also lost a considerable amount of weight, and months ago back in Nov/Dec, he was quite fat, esp compared to Nosegay. In fact, upon inspection, I can feel almost every ridge in his vertebrae and his ribs, similar to Nosegay's the week he died (however, Hornsby isn't a skeleton like he was...yet). He even seems to be breathing harder than normal, similar to Nosegay's predicament (except that he can actually still breathe and eat).

     Tousuke, on the other hand, is rather hardy and still as fat as ever. I'm not sure I see much "old age" symptom from him, but his sneezes have been more beastly over the last month, and he sometimes breathes audibly like Nosegay did before he died. But aside from that, he's still the same. You know why? Because he's a very average rat.

     Hornsby on the other hand is quite gifted in intelligence for a rat. Maybe that's why he's the only one who actually gets angry with me when I put him back into his cage (kicking bedding around *to the best of his ability*, biting on the bars now, etc). Before I got my rats, I would think about how it would be so nice for them to simply lay in my lap while I pet them. However, they never did that; they were too young and adventurous to care about that stuff. Now though, that's all Hornsby wants now that he's old. He hobbles as best as he can to whoever is in his vision. (I usually pick him up to save him the trouble of walking) When I hold him, all he does is lay down with his head/ upper torso nestled in the crook of my arm and chatter his teeth in satisfaction. He even regularly grooms my arm while doing that. Speaking of, he did exactly that as I washed his butt up today; as if thanking me for cleaning him. The sad part about this is that as much as the thought may sound nice about your pet cuddling in your lap, he will stay like this for...eons if I allow it. The longest recorded time I kept track of was around 40 minutes; and I don't really want to sit down with him like that every day for hours, with rat dander (an added effect of old age) depositing on my clothes. Yes, they both produce a considerable amount of dander now. When they were young, nothing. I even allowed them on my bed (pillows have always been off limits) and was comfortable going to sleep without changing my sheets/ covers knowing that my rats were clean. And of course I held them on my shoulder (except Nosegay, who was always mentally challenged... (^w^) ). But now...the point is that they're getting old. And I just wanted to elaborate on some of the differences of taking care of them from since they were younger.

     In closing, I want to elaborate on my many nicknames I have for them. I call Tousuke Fatty, Fat Boy, Cute Fat Boy, Fatty Back Ribs, etc., because he's fat and flabby yet so cute! I don't say those things about him intending to hurt any feelings. It's just...a cute pet name in a way. Like Nosegay: he was a mentally challenged rat. And I refer to him like that like a pet name. It sometimes makes him more...cute. How many people can say "I have a mentally challenged rat and I'm proud!"? It just made him even cuter, having to take care of a mental rat~! He was so cute...the way he would hop around when he was younger; the fact that he was skinny and small for a rat; the way he would bob his cute little head around; not the way he would unhealthily run constantly in circles, etc. though...; or how Tousuke would start fights with him, which resulted in me having to isolate him from the rest of them; but the way he would sneeze, and take food~ ; the way he use to make Hornsby vocalize in protest when he would groom him; stuff like that just made him cuter. So. That's it for now, about my rats. ...this is Chocobo_cookies signing off.

     * There are two routes to take when it comes to going into the main hallway in my house; one is through the living room, where their cage is; the other is through the den room, so that I can conveniently NOT have to see their beady eyes watching me, noses poking through the bars as if they're in a prison cell, wanting to be let out or fed treats. There's a 50/50 chance I'll take the Other route in order not to be seen. 
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01 June 2012 @ 10:07 pm

Hello. After watching over an hour of Buu action on dbz, I randomly wanted to post the music video of a song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Here it is:

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24 May 2012 @ 08:44 pm
SO. I have officially graduated high school today; got my diploma and everything. Great. Now what? I'm going to the Art Institute of Atlanta (AiA) to major in video game programming. Well, it WAS going to be game art & design until I realized (from the input of a few individuals) that what I actually wanted from it, I can do in the programming. So. I'll see how that goes. 
16 May 2012 @ 10:02 pm
    It's been a while since I've last been on here. I know I've said this before, but I am going to be on this site more often from now on. Well, what's new?
    Nosegay died two weeks ago. I got him and his brother on my birthday; 2010 Dec 18 - 2012-5-1. It's just Hornsby and Tousuke now..but it doesn't feel like it's only been two weeks and a day; more like a month or so now. I'm not sad about it anymore. Well, actually, I can always be sad over something like the death of my pet rat at this point if I think about it too much. It's annoying to go to their cage to take them out, or even bring home some yogurt to feed them and instead of feeding 3, there's only two furry punks greeting me.

    On another note, I want to say that graduation is next week on the 24th. I plan on attending the Art Institute of Atlanta for a degree in Game Art & Design. 

    Also. I made this alakazam userpic (not the literal picture in this case but the borders, etc.) at school using fireworks CS5. I just wanted to say that. I just got the idea Monday that I can actually use those programs free at school and besides making websites, I can customize and create whatever the heck I want. I can make a collage of corn on the cobs if I want. I can make a banner supporting some NaruSaku fan art if I wanted (which I would never do since I do not support that couple anyway). The point is that it is over. I don't have much time left. So....yeah.

    I have officially decided that I'm not going to sit around doing nothing anymore about my Japanese studies. Until I get a real teacher, I'm going to teach myself. I reviewed a list of "best self-teaching Japanese books" and found one that I was satisfied with. "A guide to Modern Japanese" or something like that. The authors I will look at again later so I can post it. I also have 2 dictionaries so far. There will be no excuse. No more waiting for me. I've been wanting to learn this language since...7th grade now, and I am just now "realizing" that I have to do this MYSELF if I want it done. And I'm tired of waiting. So. Here I am.

    This is chocobo_cookies signing off. お休み.

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02 January 2012 @ 06:08 pm
Happy new year! School's back in tomorrow...this should have been the first post I posted since I was last here...I'll be back in a couple of days and slow down then.